What is your Business Fingerprint?

Stories. They are the backbone of our childhoods, our coming of age and our relationships. Before we have witnessed the world ourselves we hear about it through the stories and the lessons told to us by our parents. The sharing of tales and narratives is as intertwined with our growth as friendships, family and falling in love.

Our own story is crucial to how we are seen by others and, most importantly, how we see ourselves within the larger context of the world unfolding before us. We find comfort and meaning in the tales we hear of other peoples experiences, it makes our own slot into place and allows us to embed our own sense of self into the broader tapestry of society.

These same notions can so easily be extended to business, with the internet continually being polluted with faceless, useless and utterly forgettable content it’s your own story that will set you apart from the rest of the chugging highway of tasteless online traffic.

You have the opportunity to set your business apart with something as unique as your fingerprint – it’s not something you purchase or subscribe to, it’s not something you derive from someone else or borrow from a successful competitor – it is you.You are your greatest marketing asset, your own distinct and unequivocal uniqueness is something that can’t be downloaded, copied or replicated.

Use it.

Value your own story and it’s absolute power as a bedrock of human communication and connection. If you pedal a facade you’ve manufactured or borrowed – it will show. Your appreciation of the value of your story and what this means to your business will blaze through the digital malaise and connect with people on a humanistic and emotional level that no other marketing technique can.

Our story and our ability to tell it in a relatable way is something that we’ve long since held as AWS Productions most important marketing tool.

For me it all started when my family moved house when I was five to a building of crumbling weatherboards, pine trees that stretched ominously over a corrugated iron roof and dark corners that set a child’s mind into a frenzy. It was within the confines of this one acre block that I began to question the world around me, my quizzical nature was born and natured amidst all this uncertainty. It started with questioning my parents decision to move into this dilapidated, ramshackle house. I hated living here for the first two years – however, it did force me to ask questions of everything – from the very simplistic – why can’t our house be one the brick ones my friends live in – to the larger existential topic of life after death.

As time went on, I came to love this house and my time there – so many of these experiences have framed my identity and gone hand in hand with my development as a person.

It was here, around the corner at my friend Liams house and all around Koroit, that my passion for the visual medium started to bubble to the surface. From spending entire evenings shooting films about spies and overlords, to starting to write scripts embedded with own our sensibilities, as determined by the stories we loved, my friendship with Liam and others were forever strengthened by the shared experience of creating narratives. It was here that AWS Productions took its first and most important steps towards its inception.

This may only be a short insight into the winding road that has to led our business to becoming what you now see, it remains a unique account of passion and development that can only be attributed to me. It enables me to stand out from all the other video production companies or visual marketing businesses, who may have a bigger team, more equipment and more experience but they can never have the essence of my story and the connections I can and have created with it.

That is what you have as well – an untouchable essence that will slice through any bullshit or fake persona’s. Your business always has the ability to bring the human connection back to a world in which detachment and convenience are offered as an alternative to quality relationships born of a mutual understanding of values. Strip away the pretence and show your audience who you are, allow them access to your journey, give them permission to climb aboard and they’ll be there for the long haul.

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