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How do I use the Package Builder?
Welcome to our Package Builder where you can customise a video package by combining a variety of modules to form the perfect combination for your business. You can build your own Video Production Package that is 100% tailored to your every need

How do I build my package?

 Module List

  • Video Business Card Module

    Video Business Card

    The Video Business Card is your centrepiece video, a production that aims to engage your audience with a combination of your story and your unique selling point.
  • About Us Video Module

    About Us

    This is where you can tell your story and continue to build the trust of your online audience by showing them your face and involving them in your journey.
  • Landing Page Video Module

    Landing Pages

    The landing page video serves a very specific function, in that each landing page will have a different function and the video on that page should work completely in tandem with this.
  • Product Launch Video Module

    Product Launch

    Create interest, engagement and anticipation for an upcoming release or an expansion of your services by creating a Video Insight into what this means for your clients.
  • Video Testimonials Module

    Video Testimonial

    Replace text with video and watch how many more people will be paying attention to your testimonials page.
  • Insight Module

    Service Insight

    This video is for showing your clients exactly what your product or service does, specifically it should directly highlight it’s unique benefits and how this tangibly solves the problem that brought your audience to your website.
  • Social Media Video Module

    Social Media

    Video content on social media is wild with possibilities, the creative within you should be unleashed and untethered from the structures of old school business marketing mindsets.
  • Event Content Video Module

    Event Content

    There is so much scope and so many possibilities in the content you can create from video shot at one of your events.
  • Comedy Series Video Module

    Comedy Series

    These video’s are terrific for not only driving traffic around to your various social media and web platforms, they are one of the best ways to achieve brand awareness on a mass scale.
  • Case Studies Video Module

    Case Studies

    This an awesome opportunity to showcase the precise value and impact your business can have and has had on previous clients.
  • Video Editing Module

    Video Editing

    We will work with you to compiling footage for any occasion or purpose and create something beautiful out of the material you’ve got.
  • Behind the Scenes Video Module

    Behind the Scenes

    A selection of digital still images and behind the scenes photos will be provided to you as a part of every package.

 Your Package

    Drag the Module Icon to this area or Click the "Add to Package" button to begin building your custom package.
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