The Five Videos every business will be using by 2017.

Alex Recording

There’s absolutely no doubt about it – video marketing has arrived and it’s here to stay.

I’m not saying this because this is what my business does, I’m saying this because every single key performance indicator is screaming that video will continue to grow and prosper. The future of content marketing has it’s cornerstone and it’s more important than ever that businesses sit up and take notice of the value of video.

There are any number of statistics I could throw at you right now to prove this, but I don’t want to bore you with columns of numbers and racks of stats. Pretty soon every business will be using video out of fear of being left behind – our clients and our audience no longer have the attention span to read through pages of text explaining what your business does – they want to be shown. The online world is one of rapid and continuous consumption, we chew through content like a rabbit through a tuft of green leaves and it’s becoming increasingly difficult to tell lettuce from spinach.

There is a myriad of ways in which you can incorporate video into your business – most vitally, is that it can spearhead any marketing campaign, big or small, as long as it’s done with a specific strategy in mind.

Here are the Top 5 videos we believe every online savvy business will be using in 18 months time.

Landing Page Video/Promotional Video – History/overview of the business

This is a video that you place front and centre on your website. It should be the first thing people see when they land in your digital domain, whether this is on your website or on your social media platforms such as Facebook, this is the perfect way to make an immediate impression and most importantly, a genuine impact on your potential client.

The promotional video can go one of three ways. It can be an overview of the business and what it does, the functionality and advantages of it, while introducing personnel and the human face behind the sleek exterior. Or, it could be a historical account of how the business has risen, fallen and risen again – in other words, the journey of your business. Essentially a mini documentary accounting for the roots of the passion that manifested itself in the business we now see.

Or, it could be a combination of both of these two things. A good landing page/promotional video has the ability to quickly introduce your potential customers to who you are, why you’re running your business, how it came to be and most importantly of all – it needs to answer the number 1 question on the lips of all your clients “what’s in it for me?.”

This video will form the backbone of your digital storytelling online, as it will constantly be involving additional people in your overall narrative while encouraging them to engage in what they see as a likeable and valued business relationship for them.

Testimonial Video

Most business websites now come with the arbitrary Testimonials page, a series of written tributes to illustrate how good your business is and the wonderful benefit it has been. This is great, but one way to engage people further in the great things previous customers are regaling about your business is by putting them into a smooth and alluring video package. Instead of having to wade through five or six written Testimonials you can interview several people and get them to speak honestly and passionately about their experience with your business.

Product/Service Launch

If you’re launching a new product or a new service or even launching your business in a new direction this form of video is of premium importance to you.

The product or service launch videos act to create buzz and anticipation prior to the release of this new product/service. Perhaps keep it shrouded in mystery with a carefully crafted promotional video that doesn’t give away the ace you have up your sleeve, instead it will generate interest and drive traffic to your website for more content where they can opt in to receive up to date info about when the product is coming out.

Release another video when the product is out, with full details. Peel back the curtain of anticipation you have already established and show your audience the new direction of your business, your new product or your new service. If done correctly, this will be establish your brand as cutting edge, exciting and engaging all at once.

Training/Educational/Web Content Video/How to Video’s

If you’re talking about truly delivering great value to your throng of online followers (or you’re trying to attract that flock) – these videos are absolutely perfect. The How to video is prime for showcasing a number of very important qualities to your audience.

Firstly, it establishes very clearly that you are an expert in your area and by showing others how to do something you immediately become a trusted authority from whom people will continue to look towards for guidance.

Secondly, you can quickly develop a online following that encompasses a much broader range of people than you would have otherwise been able to achieve.

If your answering a question on the internet and you do it well, chances are there will be an audience for it. By posing this question and answering it, you can attract an extremely diverse set of eye balls to your business. These videos enable you to grow your audience base regularly by feeding them with informative and useful content that can actually use for the betterment of their lives.

Comedic Videos

This one might skew a few people but if you have a think about the videos that are shared, tagged and liked the most all across the internet the core factor in nearly all of them is that they’re funny – or at least they’re trying to be.

I’m not talking about following a cat around with an iPhone and waiting for it to slip into a bath tub – I’m talking about video content that has a story, is related to your business in a tangible way and most importantly – makes people laugh.

A great way to encourage engagement and drive new and diverse audiences to your brand is by making people laugh – so if you produce a hilarious video or series of entertaining videos then you’ll be seen by a lot more people due to the fact that it will get shared.

One of the best ways of doing this is by creating a series of videos that are hilarious and have a consistent narrative with a clear through line that links to your business. By doing this you will attract new audiences and most importantly engage people in the story of your business.

Overall, most of your potential clients with be coming to your website with nothing more than knowing the name of your business – you’re goal should be to engage them to the point where they feel like they know – and most importantly – trust you. Video gives businesses a way to establish a link with their audience, it’s a communicative channel that flows two ways. A polished and authentic web presence can be sharply punctuated by strong video content which delivers on value and engagement to ensure your potential client leaves your website with the knowledge that you are who you say you are.

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