Keystone Executive Coaching

Aidan Parsons from Keystone Executive Coaching has been one of our favourite clients to work with so far, his passion, desire to help and general zest for business completely aligned with ours. Which made the job easier for us when it came to capturing the essence of his personality while also showcasing the incredible value Keystone holds for it’s clients.

Keystone wanted to convert more of their online audience and drive their brand awareness across social media channels. What better way to do this than by creating a highly captivating video that combines Aidan’s natural charisma, authentic passion and the sharply focussed value his business offered?

We really wanted to envelope Aidan’s passion into every fibre of this video, letting it resonate clearly from every frame, while also framing this passion in a way that was visually engaging as well as being utterly relatable to his target market’s particular problem.

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