Video Testimonial

Video Testimonials Module

What is this video and it’s function?

The key function of this video is drive the good news, to spread the word of your clients who just can’t help but tell the world how good your business is. The testimonial video doesn’t have to be a professionally produced and polished product either, simply getting your clients on camera talking about business will be a highly persuasive and effective component of your website.

Replace text with video and watch how many more people will be paying attention to your testimonials page.

Where should I post my Video Testimonial Video?

Your Website: Add life to the testimonials page of your website with video content that engages your potential clients in the glorious words of your previous clients. Instead of making them wade through large chunks of text, give them the good news in a video package that will keep them engaged and build on the trust you’ve already created with other videos on your site.

Word of Mouth: People are much more willing to rely on information they can see actually coming from the mouth of a human being, as opposed to just words on the page.

Social Media: You can also post this video to Facebook and other social media channels or include them in your email newsletter.

Tip: When posting this video onto social media, ask the person in it if it’s ok to tag them in it. By doing this, you are ensuring that a large audience will see it, you will spread your brand awareness and people will be talking about your brand in the space in which you are very active.

Video Testimonial Examples

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