Video Business Card

Video Business Card Module

What is this video and it’s function?

This is where you combine elements of your story, who you are and what’s in your business for your target market - what is your unique selling point.

Our aim with this video is to quickly introduce the face behind the business, (giving your audience someone to like, trust and follow), while also providing them a direct answer to their most important question - What’s in this for me?

This video will inspire your audience to want to know more about your business and also about the service or product you can offer them. By combining value and story, your VBC will rapidly increase the trust your neutral online visitor can attribute to their relationship with your brand this video has already helped establish.

Where should I post my Video Business Card Video?

Your Website: The function of this video will serve you best when it’s placed on the home page of your website. It should sit in a very prominent position on the home page so all your visitors will see it once they land. It will work to introduce your brand, your story and most importantly what’s in it for your client when they land on your page. The VBC will incite a level of engagement and curiosity that will lead your client to explore more of your website while laying the foundations of starting a two way relationship.

Facebook: You should also post this video on your Facebook page. You should consider using targeted advertising to compliment this video, select your target audience and use the video to drive traffic to your website.

YouTube: Depending on the nature of your Youtube Channel, this video can also be the feature video on your channel, so that when visitors drop onto your channel they immediately know what they’re in for.

TIP: This is a great video to attach to your digital signature in your email, so that every time you email someone the video will appear beneath your name. Yet another way of building your brand awareness and marketing in a subtle yet effective manner.

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