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Social Media Video Module

What is this video and it’s function?

The function of any social media post can be boiled down to one thing - does this provide value or entertainment to my target audience? This is especially the case with the video content you choose to share and create for your social media audience.

The key here is to create content that will entertain, educate, inform, endear and compliment the story you’ve already told. So, whether it be informative or entertaining, if it adds value and brings you positive brand awareness, social media video is the way of the future.

Social Media is all about enhancing the human connection between your business and your audience - bridging the gap and forming a relationship based on common interests and respect. It is a chance to give them genuine insight and not a place to sell straight off the bat.

Video content on social media is wild with possibilities, the creative within you should be unleashed and untethered from the structures of old school business marketing mindsets.

Where should I post my Social Media Video?

Facebook: Native Facebook video (uploading direct to Facebook rather than linking to YouTube or Vimeo) is becoming a hugely engaging and beneficial tool for businesses willing to use it. These videos will find a home here and also on Youtube and shorter clips on Instagram.

YouTube: For those that prefer Youtube, this video can have a huge impact for your loyal subscribers.

Tip: Play around with formats, styles and content - always stay true to your brands image and the story you’ve already worked to convey. Build off this story but never contradict it.

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