Product Launch

Product Launch Video Module

What is this video and it’s function?

The product or service launch videos act to create buzz and anticipation prior to the release of this new product/service. Perhaps keep it shrouded in mystery with a carefully crafted promotional video that doesn’t give away the ace you have up your sleeve, instead it will generate interest and drive traffic to your website for more content where they can opt in to receive up to date info about when the product is coming out.

Release another video when the product is out, with full details. Peel back the curtain of anticipation you have already established and show your audience the new direction of your business, your new product or your new service. If done correctly, this will be establish your brand as cutting edge, exciting and engaging all at once.

Where should I post my Product Launch Video?

Email Marketing: The product or service launch video is perfect for email marketing as well, send out an email to your list with the video attached. This will stir interest and provide your email list with an exclusive look behind the curtain.

Social Media: This video should be promoted through all of your social media channels, while also being the perfect reason to write another blog.

Facebook Advertising: Use Facebook advertising to reach a new audience, drive traffic from your social media post onto a landing page on your website where they can leave their email address to receive up to date info about the product and when it will be released.

Tip: Use Instagram and hashtags to appear before a larger audience, posting a 15 second clip giving them a brief glimpse will leave them wanting more if done correctly. Same principle as Facebook advertising, drive the traffic towards your landing page with the intention of capturing their email addresses.

Product Launch Examples

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