Service Insight

Insight Module

What is this video and it’s function?

This video is for showing your clients exactly what your product or service does, specifically it should directly highlight it’s unique benefits and how this tangibly solves the problem that brought your audience to your website. Also known as the Experience Video, this is an opportunity to generate strong emotion and engagement by capturing exactly what makes your service of such value to your ideal client. You can take them on a journey into your world as you would like to them see it, showcasing exactly what they’ll get while also bridging the gap between your client and your business.

If you’re finding that a lot of people are asking you “what does your business do?” or questions of this nature then this video is the perfect option for you. The Produce or Service video often compliments a Video business

Where should I post my Service Insight Video?

Your Website: This video is for your services page - whereby your audience will be coming to digest more specific information about what your business can do for them, how it can make their lives easier and solve a problem.

Social Media: This video can also be shared across social media, most importantly Facebook and Instagram.

Targeted Advertising: Use targeted advertising such as Facebook or Google Adwords to gain the attention of your target market and solve their problems for them on the spot with this video that will leave them wanting more. Direct them to your website from there.

TIP: Think about what experience you’d love your client to have, what’s the best possible journey you can take them on. What would that look like? Let’s create that together.

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