Event Content

Event Content Video Module

What is this video and it’s function?

There is so much scope and so many possibilities in the content you can create from video shot at one of your events. We can cover the entire day, capturing everything from the emotional gut punches to the stunning moments of realisation. We can also shoot some invaluable video testimonials in the room from some of your very satisfied patrons.

From there we can create any number of videos using this material, including a short promotional video for upcoming events, a testimonial package, edited snippets that can be used as a value add for attendees or use on social media or membership sites.

Where should I post my Event Content Video?

Your Website: These can be used everywhere, a promotional video for your next event will be great for driving sales on Facebook or through a landing page on your website. Testimonials will find a nice home on your...you guessed it, Testimonials page. Edited snippets from the event can be used on your membership sites, in emails to your list as a value add, not to mention to your paying patrons as additional value to keep them smiling.

Tip: Let your attendees know in advance that there will be filming taking place on the day, mention that Video Testimonials would be hugely beneficial

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