Comedy Series

Comedy Series Video Module

What is this video and it’s function?

A great way to encourage engagement and drive new and diverse audiences to your brand is by making people laugh - so if you produce a hilarious video or series of entertaining videos then you’ll be seen by a lot more people due to the fact that it will get shared.

These video’s are terrific for not only driving traffic around to your various social media and web platforms, they are one of the best ways to achieve brand awareness on a mass scale. If these videos strike the right cord, it’s very possible they will be seen by many thousands of people more than you’re usual content - and that’s without having to even advertise it.

Where should I post my Comedy Series Video?

It’s an exciting time to be producing original content on the web and it’s already changed the way we all consume our media so there’s a number of different ways you use this series to generate huge amounts of exposure for your brand.

Social Media: You can post it on your Facebook page, Youtube Channel or through email just to name a few different options. The best approach would be to use all of these different channels to direct traffic, while also creating and maintaining interest.

Tip: Create short pre-launch clips you can post on Facebook and deliver via email so you can create buzz and anticipation.

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