About AWS Productions

A Storytelling Foundation

AWS Productions is the product of years of struggle, passion and commitment. It was born out of a love of visual storytelling and the film form.

Our business has emerged from challenges and set backs with the desire to work with small to medium sized businesses to help them bring in more clients from the online wilderness through the use of great video content.

AWS Productions owner and operator Alex Storer has had a lifetime of passionate commitment to storytelling, both in the written and visual form. Armed with this passion, AWS Productions is imbued with these narrative ideals deeply entrenched in every aspect of the business.

The business represents a marriage of several key ideologies; storytelling, authentic customer service and fluent creativity – all merging together to help small businesses achieve growth, engagement and ultimately, conversions.

I cannot recommend highly enough the skills, professionalism and patience of AWS Productions’ Alex Storer. If you want an experience as great as ours, AWS Productions is who you need. We most certainly will be working with Alex again.

Suzan Moray

About Alex

Alex’s path towards starting AWS Productions started way back when he was a young boy living in the Western Victorian village of Koroit, even then he had a fascination with stories. Alex loved nothing more than hearing about others experiences and finding a meaning of his own within those narratives. This burning interest in other peoples journeys  developed into a love of filmmaking and visual storytelling with friends and family throughout childhood and his teenage years.

Alex always wanted to forge a career doing something he loved – believing that passion, commitment and quality go hand in hand with a well balanced life. However for some time after completing his media degree this was forgotten and Alex worked jobs he didn’t have any emotional attachment too.

Then, somewhat unexpectedly, his grandfather Brian passed away, leaving a small inheritance with the instruction of doing something that would create opportunities for the future. Alex decided to buy a video camera and AWS Productions as the business we see now, was born. AWS Productions is now a Video Production business that helps small businesses tell their stories for their clients to gain inspiration from and to allow relationships to grow from a mutual connection through narratives.

Alex Standing at Camera

The AWS Experience


To help businesses engage and convert their audiences online through the visual storytelling ideals that underpin our business.


A business world in which organisations and clients are brought together by a mutual connection through a convergence of story and passion. A business world in which we work together with people who truly have great stories to tell, a world in which we have willing storytellers and open minded receivers willing to engage and embrace difference as well as similarities.


Our values are deeply entrenched in the old way of doing business, we believe in the value of creating two way relationships with our clients.

Relationships that are built on ideals such as authenticity, trust and valuing each other for what both can bring to the table for a mutually beneficial outcome.

We believe that we can find connection with others through story. Furthermore, through an empathetic prism, narratives can manifest in a deeper understanding of ourselves and how the world at large is connected through our understanding of each other.

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